no.2 // this is me

I collect…
Pretty Rock
Rocks! I adore rocks. I search for them everywhere I go. My most favourite places to find rocks are on long beach walks, on canoe trips, leisurely walks with my children and nephew. I found this rock along the train tracks near my home.

Last night I made…
Homemade Chicken Tenders
Chicken tenders. And for a first, they didn’t come pre-breaded! I was a little scared to make them, but they are much better than store-bought dinos. I’ve never used panko crumbs before, but wow, are they ever awesome. (●⌒∇⌒●)

Homemade Orange Chicken
Chicken tenders + Orange Sauce + Rice + Veggies = Homemade Orange Chicken
Totally worth the time it took to make it. I used The Noshery recipe for Better Than Takeout Orange Chicken. Another first: I used ginger root and I now I’ll always keep some around. Steamy Kitchen has useful tips on using and storing ginger root. My tip if you have toddlers running underfoot, is to do some of the prep while the y nap. I cut up the chicken, mixed up the dry ingredients, minced the garlic, found out what to do with the ginger root and zested and juiced the orange… all while the little guys were zzz… Next time, I will make the sauce before hand and heat while frying the chicken.

The little things…
Favourite Glasses
I enjoy having my beverages in nice glassware. I bought these glasses at the local consignment store and they are worth every $$ I spent. I am down to four of the original eight.

<3 My Baby
My goofy baby… Me: “Smile.” Poe: “I am mommy!” Me: “Open your eyes.” Poe: “Nope. Take picture mommy.” *Pause* Poe: “Let me see!” (*^ -^*)

“Home is anywhere that you know all your friends and all your enemies.” – Orson Scott Card, Hart’s Hope (BTW, Hart’s Hope is one great read, or listen.)

Sidewalk View
My Ant-enemies view.

What were they thinking?
Broken Glass Siding :(
Broken glass as part of siding of a house. Not a good idea and not very pretty. And VERY dangerous if the sidewalk becomes slippery. ◔̯◔

As always, thank you for visiting and sharing a little part of my life. – Taryn (✿◠‿◠)

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